Saturday, January 2, 2010

Almost 6 years

Well, 2010 will bring about the 6th anniversary of my heart transplant. My intent with this blog is to start at the beginning of my journey. Stay tuned

Bear with me folks I just posted to my own blog now I know how to add to this. Midge

01-17-10 I will repeat some of what I said in my post to my own blog. Yes, 9-11-01 was when I was told that about all was left was a heart transplant. Well, we were devastated but that was such a tragic day for so many thousands of people that it developed my attitude as I began this journey. I had a chance they did not. I continued yet for another year and then in Sept of 02, after being hospitalized for CHF (heart failure) Mayo told me it was time to move closer (we had moved out in the boonies at Lake of the Ozarks) so we came home to Iowa to be close to our family as we began our transplant road. I was officially listed in Nov of 02. On Jan 3 of 03 I fell and broke my foot and ankle, in Feb of 03 I had part of my colon removed as the infection would kill me post transplant. Now you have to remain positive when you have your belly ripped open and you are on crutches it was either laugh or cry and I chose laughter. We also moved into a new home then. At this time I was making monthly trips to the transplant center and I was listed as status 2A. By late 2003 I was having more trouble with shortness of breath, swelling, overall deteriorating. It was decided in Jan of 04 to begin IV Milrinone. Boy that was like a miracle drug, I felt much better for a couple of months. I was blessed to be able to stay at home during all of this I continued my part time job and my social life. This was very important to me as it kept me busy and did not give me time for self pity. As March came I became more symptomatic again and my dose of Milrinone was increased. They told me on Mar 17th that the best thing that could happen was before I got back to Iowa (3hr drive) they would have a heart for me. My call came on Mar 19th. More later.